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Article: A wooden clock as a Christmas present

Eine Holzuhr als Weihnachtsgeschenk

A wooden clock as a Christmas present

Holzuhr als Weihnachtsgeschenk

Who doesn't know it? The days fly by and soon Christmas will be around the corner again. You often still don't know exactly what you're going to give your loved one. How about a wooden watch as a Christmas present this year? In this blog article we have put together our favorite wooden clocks and introduce them to you. Of course you can find more watches in our Shop. Take a look there too!

Women's wooden watch as a Christmas present


In light wood and a pink dial, the wooden clock “Cherry Tree” looks very elegant. It turns every dreary winter day into a highlight and ideally complements both everyday and evening outfits. The watch is made of high-quality, scratch-proof glass and a bracelet made of fine cherry wood. Your girlfriend will definitely be happy about that!

Men's wooden watch “Bergland” as a Christmas present


Dark wood in different shades and metal elements nestles on the wrist and is rounded off by a black dial - this is how the wooden watch for men “Bergland” impresses. Perfect for men who are close to nature and want to show it in everyday life. The wooden clock as a Christmas present is sure to delight your loved one. Thanks to the integrated date display and stopwatch, this wooden watch is a real eye-catcher. The high-quality wooden box in which the wooden watch is delivered completes the whole thing and makes packing the gift easier.

Wooden clock as a Christmas gift and souvenir

 Holzuhr mit individuellem Foto

Do you want an individually designed gift for Christmas that not everyone has? Then the photo clock is just the thing! Simply choose a beautiful picture, upload it to our website and you will receive a watch that shows your picture on the dial. The simple design of the dial and the clock hands ensures that your picture is highlighted. The leaf is surrounded by high-quality zebra wood, which is comfortable to wear on the arm and is durable.

Wooden clock “Chestnut” as a Christmas present

Dark wood paired with the noble chestnut wood creates a harmonious men's watch. The simply designed hands in silver perfectly support the reddish chestnut wood in the dial. The wooden watch is the ideal companion on a man's wrist, both in everyday life and for special occasions. With a date display and integrated stopwatch, it is also practical. The natural chestnut wood is not only beautiful to look at, but also robust and durable. This makes our watch a perfect, special Christmas gift.

Last but not least: the wooden clock “Dusk”

 Holzuhr "Bergland" für Männer als Weihnachtsgeschenk

The multi-link bracelet of the wooden watch “Dusk” is a real eye-catcher. Lighter natural wood runs down the middle. It is surrounded by silver metal elements and dark wood. This combination can also be found in and around the dial. The hands are luminous so that the time can be read even in the dark. The integrated stopwatch elements are surrounded by metal elements, so that the design of the bracelet is perfectly complemented. This is how you can give your loved one special joy at Christmas.

Do you have any more questions about wooden watches as a Christmas present for men and women? Then please contact us personally and use our contact form!

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