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Article: Caring for wooden clocks

Pflege von Holzuhren

Caring for wooden clocks

Pflege von Holzuhren mit Öl

Caring for your wooden watch is important so that you can enjoy it for a long time. But what should you pay attention to when caring for it? We have put together the most important information for you in this blog article. And if you're still looking for a watch, feel free to stop by our Shop!

Care tips for your wooden watch

When your wooden watch is manufactured, a fine varnish is applied to the wood so that sweat or other influences do not directly attack the wood. This means you can wear your wooden watch from Wood o’clock without any major precautions immediately after purchase.

But after a while, this fine layer can become worn away, as it is constantly exposed to sweat, water or other things when worn every day. So that you don't have to replace the watch straight away, there are many ways to care for it. You should know that wood is a natural material that changes over time. Rain or general wetness and humidity can cause the wood to swell. The wood bleaches when exposed to sunlight. And the wood also suffers from perfume.

Especially when the wood has swollen, you should remove the watch and dry it so that the individual links of the watch fit smoothly and smoothly around your wrist again.

To care for the watch after a while, you can put beeswax on the wood and ensure that the wood is nourished a little. It's best to put the wax on a soft cloth and rub the wax into the wood in circular movements. If something gets on the dial or the glass of the dial, you can remove it with warm water.

Since the watch is an everyday item, scratches or other damage are usually inevitable. You should treat these immediately, otherwise moisture can penetrate the wood and discoloration will occur. You can prevent this with a little nourishing oil, which you apply to the watch with a soft cloth like wax. Your wooden watch will shine in new splendor and you will enjoy wearing it again!

Do you have any more questions about the wooden clocks or their care? Then please contact us personally and use our contact form!

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