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Ranger collection

Immerse yourself in the untouched forests of our planet with the 'Ranger Collection'. Each model in this collection is the result of careful selection of woods and deep respect for their natural grain and color. Inspired by the gentle play of shadows, the diverse greenery and the mysterious whispers of the forest, each watch represents nature's tireless pursuit of growth and renewal.

The 'Ranger Collection' combines precision craftsmanship with natural materials to create unique timepieces that bring the peace and clarity of the forest to your wrist. Every watch is a piece of forest that accompanies you everywhere - a constant companion that reminds you of the deep connection between humans and nature.

From the dark depths of forest whispers to the refreshing shine of mountain stream birch, the 'Waldläufer Collection' offers a variety of natural colors and textures. But the special thing is: Each model is limited to just 100 pieces. This makes them not only an expression of your personal style, but also an exclusive sign of your appreciation for nature. Discover the ranger in you and proudly wear a symbol of the harmonious connection between humans and nature.

Forest whispersForest whispers
Forest whispers Offer179,95€
Morninglight OakMorninglight Oak
Morninglight Oak Offer179,95€
Mountain stream birchMountain stream birch
Mountain stream birch Offer179,95€
Sunrise SequoiaSunrise Sequoia
Sunrise Sequoia Offer179,95€