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What does the limited warranty cover?
The limited warranty applies to watches and sunglasses purchased directly from Wood o'clock and covers all defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.
For the duration of the warranty, the parts of the watch that are covered include the movement, hands and dial.
The guarantee does not apply to
  • General wear and tear, improper handling, or lack of care
  • Battery depletion or damage to the battery due to improper use or accidents
  • Water damage
  • Scratches or other glass damage
  • Damage caused by repairs or adjustments by third parties
  • Lost or stolen goods or parts thereof
  • Fading, discoloration or general deterioration in overall condition
  • If it turns out within the warranty period that the item has a material or manufacturing defect under normal use, Wood o'clock will provide an equivalent replacement free of charge. If your model is not available, an alternative of the same value or style will be offered.
Every replacement item is covered by a new warranty period that starts from the date of delivery.
The guarantee is void if there is no valid proof of purchase.
The warranty period
The warranty for Wood o'clock watches is two (2) years from the date of purchase and one (1) year for sunglasses.
How to make a warranty claim
You must first contact Wood o'clock to submit the problem and find the best solution.